Vote for Lekan: It's Time to Vote in a Fresh Start


Everything you need to know to vote tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day! The polls show that York South-Weston is going to be one of the closest races in the city. It’s literally a four-way race. Lekan’s early voting results put him in a great position to win, but he needs your vote tomorrow to bring him across the finish line. 

If you need any assistance or are not sure how to vote tomorrow, please contact us at 647-496-6126 or

Here is everything you need to know to vote on Election Day.

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Keep the Momentum Going!

York South-Weston is ground zero for change in this city. The community has been proving that this week. I have seen so much passion - on doorsteps, at bus stops and outside subway stations, and from so many volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to this campaign.

We have the momentum to bring a fresh start to this community, but we can’t maintain it without you.

Today is the last day to cast an early vote. 

DATE: Sunday, Oct 19
TIME: Open each day from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
LOCATION: Amesbury Community Centre (1507 Lawrence Ave W., Gym, 2nd Floor)

My homepage has everything you need to know about how and where to vote.

My wife and I voted this week and I challenge you to be next.



Lekan is endorsed by another local leader



Former MPP, Hon Dr. Alvin Curling endorses Lekan



My 6 Priorities for Ward 12



Toronto Star: Races to Watch: York-South Weston still waiting for its boom

By: David Rider Urban Affairs Feature Writer, Published on Wed Oct 15 2014

Incumbent Frank Di Giorgio faces a tough challenge from three candidates who accuse him of doing little: Nick Dominelli, John Nunziata, Lekan Olawoye.

Sitting on her Bourdon Ave. porch, senior citizen Maria Mucci fights back tears, sounding hopeless, with no idea where to turn.

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MetroNews: Debate recap: Lekan Olawoye offers a respectable voice for Ward 12

By: Matt Elliot, Metro Canada

I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect the Ward 12 candidates debate on Rogers TV to be so emotional.

Coun. Frank Di Giorgio, the incumbent, set the tone as he seemed on the verge of tears as he gave his opening statement. “There are two things that I wish to say to residents,” he said, his voice cracking, “I am running for re-election because I believe that…” He trailed off. There was then a long, awkward silence as Di Giorgio tried to compose himself.

He eventually hit his talking points, pointing to his time serving the community and his record as Mayor Rob Ford’s budget chief, but Di Giorgio’s message was delivered with a side order of defensiveness throughout the debate. “Real, meaningful, transformational change requires time,” he told viewers. It’s a fair point, but, setting aside a brief three-year hiatus post-amalgamation, Di Giorgio has represented the area since 1985. That would seem like a lot of time.

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My Priorities

As City Councillor for Ward 12, I will focus on six priorities:

  1. Being a City Councillor Who Serves You 
  2. Promoting Local Jobs and Business 
  3. Building Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods 
  4. Advocating for Tenants and Homeowners 
  5. Support for Families
  6. Better Transit, Safer Streets


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Three things to know about Lekan

He lives in the community. 
He works in the community. 
He is a proven leader in the community.

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