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Families Like Yours - The Petersons

I have had the great privilege of meeting so many people in Ward 12 York South-Weston through the course of the campaign.

I am grateful to have earned the support of so many families right across the community. One such family, is the Peterson’s – Jay, Trish, Rory and Riley. The Peterson’s are like so many folks in Ward 12. They work hard - in their jobs, at school and in sports - and love their community.


Jay shared the following message with the campaign

As a resident, a father, a coach, and a construction worker, I want a hard working councillor who respects what is important to my family and I in this community. Lekan ‘gets it’ and will work tirelessly as our advocate in City Hall to improve the livability for us all, here in York South-Weston.

Jay Peterson, Ward 12 Resident, Keele St. - Greenbrooke community, Ontario Sheet Metal Workers & Roofers, and former Head of the Building Trades.

It is great to have the Peterson’s support me to be City Councillor for Ward 12 York South-Weston.

You can also support the campaign, just as Jay, Trish, Rory and Riley have.

You can pledge your support to vote for me on October 27th here.

You can request a lawn sign here.

You can volunteer here.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.