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Fighting for What Matters to the Community: Employment

Getting youth more involved in professional work environments will not only will help them develop their growing talents, but also prepare them for a future in that career. 

I endorse Lekan as City Councillor candidate. His passion for change is strong. I've seen it already through the connections he makes with the community. He believes in the people in the ward, in particular the young people.

It is not easy, but I've had challenges with securing employment and continue to incur difficulties in finding employment. This challenge is multiplied for youth who do not have previous experience.

I struggled growing up in a single income family. Some nights, we only had left over pieces of bread in the fridge. I wanted to help, but finding work was next to impossible. No work, no school, no work... this is cycle that I have not been able to beat.  I know many other youth are in similar situations. It is definitely time for change.

Lekan's passion for youth employment is clear. He is committed to supporting young people gain meaningful employment.

This Ward is headed in a great direction with Lekan as City Councillor and I cannot wait to help make it the best it can be!

I support Lekan.