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Fighting for your financial services at Keele & Eglinton

Dear Neighbours

When I learned that the TD Bank branch at Keele & Eglinton was slated for closure, I was concerned. I knew that local residents and businesses relied on this branch for their everyday needs.

Furthermore, with the Beechborough–Greenbrook and Keelesedale–Eglinton West communities recently being designated as Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, there is a critical need for business to build in that area, not move away.

I wanted to hear how you felt about the pending closure, so my team and I visited 80 households in the surrounding areas of the branch.

Your voice was clear – you wanted a better outcome for your neighbourhood.

I took your concerns to executives at TD so they could better understand the impact that the closure will have on the community.

I let them know that seniors were concerned about losing access to financial services close to their homes.

I let them know that parents believed that an empty lot could mean safety concerns.

I let them know that our small business owners felt that they would be negatively impacted by the closure.

Unfortunately, TD will still close the branch on Friday, July 11, merging its operations with an existing TD branch at Keele & Lawrence 2 km away. I have been assured that those who work at the Keele & Eglinton branch will be transferred to northern location.

I reached out to TD and stood up on your behalf because it was the right thing to do. Because of this, TD did change parts of their plans. As a result of my discussions with them, TD has agreed to the following:

  1. The two TD ATM machines in the branch will remain open and fully functionally until the property is sold
  2. One permanent TD ATM machine will be located in the vicinity of the branch and stay after the branch is closed
  3. A Customer Information Session will be held to better inform customers of the upcoming changes

In this instance, we won a small battle that will improve the everyday of those in the Keele and Eglinton area.

This situation shows that our community needs strong leadership who will work with the business community to get better outcomes for our neighbourhood.

Ward 12 doesn’t need a City Councillor who will just sit at the sidelines. Ward 12 can’t improve if its leaders do not step up and advocate for our neighbourhoods.

Ward 12 needs a fresh start to engaging with business. I’m proud to have worked with you on this issue and I will continue to fight for our community because it deserves a fresh start.

Working hard for Ward 12, together.