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Huffington Post: "Our Greatest Person"

In 2012, Lekan's community advocacy work was featured in The Huffington Post:

"This is crazy," Lekan Olawoye thought when he received a call saying four friends fell prey to gun violence one day during his high school years. Olawoye, now 27, had lost friends before, but never four in a matter of hours.

"I went home, distraught, and spoke to my brother and I said something has to change," he said.

Olawoye did. Following his brother’s example, he became interested in programs benefiting youth, eventually earning his BA in social work and becoming executive director of For Youth Initiative in Toronto. And while incidents such as the recent Danzig Street and Eaton Centre shootings still occur in the city, he continues to work with at-risk youth and rectify what he believes to be the cause of gun violence.

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