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Lanny Ferreira: "I support Lekan because he will fight for families in Ward 12."

Lekan Olawoye and the Vote Lekan campaign team are thrilled to have the support of Lanny Ferreira, Ward 12 resident and proud father. Read Lanny Ferreira's endorsement, below:

"Raising a young family comes with obvious rewards, and its fair share of challenges. I’m glad that Ward 12 has an opportunity to elect someone who not only understands those challenges, but lives them.

Lekan understands the importance of balancing work and family commitments, and ensuring that a
healthy community supports families, like mine, achieve that balance. Fast, affordable transit is important to communities like ours. Getting home after a hard day’s work means I can spend more time with my wife and children. Lekan gets that because he lives it.

I’ve followed Lekan’s work in our community, and serving our youth isn’t just his job. He takes it personally. I’ve witnessed him in action. His leadership is the reason why so many of our youth look up to him, and why I’m so happy to support him. Community is more than just a word to Lekan. It’s something he actively participates in. He doesn’t just serve his community, he encourages people like me to participate in building stronger neighbourhoods, and our families are stronger thanks to his efforts.

A community that works as hard as ours deserves a councillor that works just as hard, and that's why I'm supporting Lekan for Ward 12. His youthful energy and fresh outlook on the challenges facing our community are exactly what our community, and my family, have been looking for in an elected leader."

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