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Lekan celebrates Black History Month at the Greenborough Community Church


Lekan received his first major endorsement on the road to Toronto’s 2014 municipal election during the celebration of Black History Month on February 25th. The Hon. Alvin Curling made the announcement at Our Culture, Our Community, Our Future event hosted by House of Culture. Lekan and Dr. Curling were joined by Jean Augustine, Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner, who gave an inspiring speech about how she helped unanimously proclaim February Black History Month in the House of Commons. Ms. Augustine was the first African-Canadian woman to be elected to the House.

More than 50 people joined Lekan at the celebration which was put on at the Greenborough Community Church.

Dr. Curling, a former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and Member of Provincial Parliament, spoke at the event and praised Lekan’s work.

“Lekan is a committed and very dedicated individual who possesses a great understanding of his community. He carries with him remarkable leadership abilities and I am proud to endorse him as the next City Councillor for Ward 12 in the City of Toronto.”

Thanks to everyone who came out for the celebrations!