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Lekan responds to tire slashing incident

Last week, Lekan found that his car tires and his wife's car tires were punctured in his driveway. No perpetrators have been caught and the motives are unclear. 
It's time to draw our attention to community safety issues in Ward 12 that need more attention. Regardless of who committed this act and why, everyone in York South-Weston deserves a safe neighbourhood and home. 
Here are a few words from Lekan. 
On Wednesday morning, as I prepared to set off to work, I found the tires of our cars slashed in our driveway. My first thought was to the safety of my family - how do I ensure that they are safe everyday in our neighbourhood. My second reaction was that a home – and by extension a community – should feel safe for everyone, at all times. 
This act of cowardice was done intentionally to elicit fear. It’s the same fear mongering that many people are susceptible to within Toronto and particularly in the York South-Weston community. Crime has been a major concern for decades here, with not enough being done to make our homes safe.
As an executive director that deals with under-privileged youth, as a man with a wife and three young children and as a candidate for City Council, I am equally as vulnerable to the violence and safety concerns I have spent my life witnessing and trying to solve.
I don’t know who committed this crime and I don’t know why it was committed. But I do know that it will not deter me from bringing change to a Ward that has, for far too long, been the victim of neglect.
Lekan Olawoye