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My Priorities

As City Councillor for Ward 12, I will focus on six priorities:

  1. Being a City Councillor Who Serves You 
  2. Promoting Local Jobs and Business 
  3. Building Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods 
  4. Advocating for Tenants and Homeowners 
  5. Support for Families
  6. Better Transit, Safer Streets


You can find more information about each priority here

These priorities were built from the thousands of conversations you and I have had with the residents of Ward 12. I want to thank you for enabling this campaign to build a grassroots platform, informed by the voice of the community, backed by facts and focused on the most critical issues. 

I want to say a special thank you to the Policy Team. They worked tirelessly to ensure these priorities will deliver the fresh start that the community needs. 

Let's continue to bring our energy and message to the community all the way to Oct 27th!

With appreciation, 
Lekan Olawoye