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October: It's Showtime

We are in the final month of the campaign. Many of you have been out to canvass with us and a few haven't had a chance to just yet. We need you. It's a tight race and every hour you put into volunteering helps us to ensure a fresh start comes to Ward 12. 

We have a few opportunities available:

  • Can you do door-to-door canvassing with us throughout October? We are canvassing mornings, afternoons and evenings. What works best for you?
  • Can you help on Election Day or during Advance Polls? E-Day is on Oct 27th and Advance Polls are from Oct 14 to Oct 19. When are you free?
  • Can you help with phone banking? We have residents to call and phone banking is a critical part of our strategy. You can call from the Campaign Office or even from home.

Click on here to confirm your availability and together we will bring real change to York South-Weston. 

Thank you, 

Deputy Campaign Manager, Volunteers
Team Lekan