Policy Platform

My Policy Priorities: A Fresh Start That Puts People before Politics

I have had the privilege of speaking with thousands of Ward 12 residents to learn about their concerns and ideas to make our community better. My six policy priorities reflect those conversations and will be my focus at City Hall.   

1.     Being a City Councillor Who Serves You 

Residents of Ward 12 work hard. They deserve a City Councillor who will match that hard work. One that informs residents, listens to residents and fights for their issues. I understand that a city councillor works for residents, not the other way around. My Service Pledge lays out my vision to best serve you. This pledge starts today and will continue when I am elected to City Council.

My team and I will:

  • Meet residents at their door every week to hear your concerns
  • Ensure residents are informed about city issues and opportunities
  • Respond to all community inquiries within 48 hours
  • Fight for local issues that concern residents 


2.     Promoting Local Jobs and Business 

Good local paying jobs and a vibrant business presence help build a strong community. It allows youth to gain experience, enables families to pay the bills and provides the neighbourhood with a variety of goods and services.  To create more local opportunities and thriving businesses we need three key elements: proper training for local opportunities, mentorship and strong advocacy. York South-Weston has neither of these and that will not change unless we stand up and say “no more”. Here are my priorities to promote local jobs and build a vibrant local business community.

I will:

  • Advocate for more job training in Ward 12, including training for jobs related to the Metrolinx transit expansion in York South-Weston
  • Create a youth mentorship program so youth in the community have access to skill-building and networking opportunities
  • Champion York South-Weston as a welcoming place for business development
  • Speak up for local businesses affected by the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT 
  • Ensure local businesses have access to municipal, provincial and federal funding and services
  • Support the Eglinton Hill Business Improvement Area (BIA) and new local BIAs to beautify the community with cost-matching funds from the city


3.      Building Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods 

York South-Weston needs safer streets and we need community space that is inviting and clean for everyone who lives here. Safe and healthy neighbourhoods are vital to a strong community. Here is what I plan to do to make our neighbourhoods safer.

I will:

  • Make streets safer by building stronger relationships between the community and police to ensure fair service and effective community policing
  • Bring Ward 12 parks back to life – making parks safer, cleaner and inviting for residents
  • Make streets clean and green by planting and maintaining trees in the community such as at Eglinton and Keele, and residential streets
  • Create more community spaces that are critically lacking in Ward 12
  • Bring more local events and street festivals to York South-Weston


4.     Advocating for Tenants and Homeowners 

I believe that affordable, maintained housing is a right we all deserve. In order to make that happen in Ward 12, we need an advocate on the inside who can champion tenant rights and hold landlords and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) to task. Here are my priorities for tenant and homeowner advocacy.

I will:

  • Advocate for tenant rights and responsibilities and hold all landlords, including TCHC accountable for building maintenance
  • Advocate for upgraded stormwater management systems to ensure the impacts of flooding that occurred in 2013 will not happen again
  • Support communities to create resident associations so that people have a voice for change on issues such as affordable rent, repairs and building safety


5.     Support for families

As a father of three young kids and as someone who was raised by a single mother, I understand the difficulties in making ends meet and finding the right care that is safe and affordable. Our kids deserve the best and parents and guardians deserve peace of mind. Here is what I plan to achieve at City Hall to help support our families. 

I will:

  • Fight for access to safe, affordable and quality child care options for all families
  • Fund more before and after-school programs and activities for children and youth
  • Ensure recreational programming at the new York Community Centre is accessible and communicated to all residents
  • Increase access to information and services for seniors to help people live a rewarding life in their homes and communities
  • Advocate for permanent residents to have the right to vote in municipal elections


6.     Better Transit, Safer Streets 

Toronto and specifically York South-Weston are so far behind in transit improvements and infrastructure that the safety of our community is in jeopardy. Services need to improve and we need a councillor that is willing to fight to make that happen. Here are my transit priorities for York South-Weston.

I will:

  • Fight for increased capacity and more frequent and reliable bus services on key routes that go through Ward 12 including the 32 Eglinton West, 41 Keele and 52 Lawrence West
  • Increase late-night bus service so residents can get home safe
  • Press Metrolinx to finish the Eglinton Crosstown LRT on time and on budget so the community can start benefitting immediately
  • Fix the potholes and cracks in the roads and sidewalks that the current councillor has let fall into disrepair