About Lekan

To Lekan Olawoye York South-Weston is a place of opportunity. It has been since he landed at Pearson with his mother and siblings when he was eight and found a community filled with hope. Growing up in Rexdale as a young boy was not without its challenges, but overcoming these challenges allowed him to see that things could change. He pursued a social work degree and went on to work with non-profit, business and government. No matter where he was making a contribution, he always brought his work back to the community and worked to support those who have been pushed aside.

Lekan is a proven leader who is deeply committed to the people of York South-Weston, the new Ward 5. As a resident of the community himself, he knows our current councillors have failed us. And he is tired of 30 years of their complacency. Now, he’s fighting to make sure that the community gets what it needs to be a better place to live. Today, as your candidate for City Councillor in York South-Weston, Lekan can be found knocking on doors and facilitating community meetings about the issues that actually matter to residents. From there, he’s bringing together neighbours, organizations and city officials to collaborate and take real action.

Over the past few months, he’s held landlords accountable, given tenants the tools to stand up for themselves, brought city officials to assess flooded homes, and began the development of a community safety action plan.


What has Lekan done in York South-Weston over the past 10 years?

  • Served 1,000 local youth each year by leading and growing For Youth Initiative at Keele and Rogers Road.
  • Kept the community Informed and helped us fight for our concerns as Co-Chair of The Ward 12 Community Alliance. Lekan organized information sessions as part of a pilot budget project in the Rustic neighbourhood. He helped homeowners and tenants use City funds on their terms. Met with residents of the Co-Op on Queens Drive to discuss ways to improve their local neighbourhood and led the spring clean-up at Trethewey and Coronation Park.
  • Focused on bringing more jobs to our community as the Co-Chair of the Toronto Community Benefits Network.
  • Successfully opposed the gas-fired power plant at the Kodak/MetroLinx site by joining with other community groups and advocating for our needs.
  • Helped bring the city to task over 2018 flooding issues by organizing consultations in August of 2018 and bringing the City of Toronto staff directly to residents to help fix flooding issues.
  • Gave 100s of tenants the tools to successfully fight back against unfair rent increases by equipping them with the right knowledge to fight for their rights.

Lekan’s achievements extend beyond York South-Weston.

  • He advised on a $295 million job fund as the first-ever chair of the Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities.
  • Lekan founded a group that helps connect black professionals with each other and potential employers - the Black Professionals in Tech Network.
  • Lekan plays a part in distributing over $700,000 annually to different communities as a member of the Telus Community Board,
  • As Lead Executive at MaRs Discovery District he works to support job seekers to build the skills to compete in the new economy. He knows that when people have opportunities, our city flourishes.

In 2014, Lekan received thousands of votes coming 1,343 votes away from beating the incumbent. In 2018, he plans to beat both incumbents and give York South-Weston a new champion at City Hall.

Lekan’s devotion to his community is why he is running again to represent our community at City Hall. He wants to make sure all voices are heard and that the community gets what it needs to thrive. Lekan knows that together, we can give the community the future it deserves.



Thriving communities emerge when great leaders step up to do what is needed for the people of the community. Lekan is that great leader. He stepped up to run as city councillor in 2014 and since has continued to amplify positive change in our community.

- Diana Luu, York South-Weston resident. 

Lekan has played a pivotal role in creating positive change across our city. As a city, we must continue to take positive steps towards creating a more prosperous and sustainable future for all. Leaders like Lekan will help guide the way to a more inclusive city of everyone.

- John Cartwright, President of Toronto and York Region Labour Council, and Co-chair of TCBN.