From Lekan’s Desk: Leadership that can support us with the small wins.

Leadership that can support us with the small wins.


A newcomer mother from Haiti, with a young child is working casually and would like to increase her shifts at work but she cannot receive childcare space and subsidies, so therefore she also cannot get more work hours. A young man from Italy wants to go to school, but has two aging parents and works around the clock to care for both of them. He is unable to receive any information from his councillor on city services that could support his parents. A mother of three from Somalia has been fighting for months to get her door fixed by the TCHC and worries about the safety of her kids because the door jams and is hard to open. These are the stories I’ve heard this month as I connect with neighbours.

The lack of representation and the inability to find supports is frustrating. We can deal with many more issues if we have a fighter at city hall who will work tirelessly on our behalf. More than ever, we need leadership that can support us with the small wins, so we can move up to the larger things. Our community needs an advocate, some one that is engaged and aware of our needs. I look forward to having a community discussion about the leadership we need at city hall and how to go about getting that.

My Best,

Lekan Olawoye