My commitment to working for you.

Alongside my wife and three young kids, I’m a proud resident of York South–Weston. I’m proud of how strong we are. I’m proud of our diversity. I’m proud of how we come together.

But I’m tired of our voices not being heard. I’m tired of leaders who haven’t represented us at Toronto City Hall for 30+ years. Leaders who put bandaids on our biggest issues without giving us real solutions. And, I know you’re tired too. You’re tired of your phone calls not being answered. You’re tired of needing to skip your Councillors office and go straight to the city where you wait for months for a response. You’re tired of not being represented. And it’s time for that to change.

We all deserve someone at City Hall who is working for us. Over the years, I have continued to find ways to listen to you and realize change in ways that work for all of us. Now I’m working for you by re-submitting my nomination to be your City Councillor in the new York South-Weston Ward 5. I’m also sharing my service pledge to you. Throughout my campaign, and as your City Councillor, my team and I will work to fight for change that matters to you and listen to you by:

  • Responding to all community inquiries within 48 hours.
  • Meeting with residents weekly to hear your concerns. Whether this is at your door, at local events, or at planned town halls.
  • Ensuring you are informed about city issues and opportunities.
  • Based on what we hear from you, we will fight for local issues that you tell us you are concerned about.

I’ve had the honour of speaking with thousands of you to learn about concerns and the ideas that will make our community better. You’ve told me that as your City Councillor, you want me to invest in growing families and building our communities, prioritize safety and security for all, work to create more opportunities and fair jobs, and fight for transit that connects us to people and places. Over the coming weeks, stay tuned to find out exactly how I’ll do that.

Together, let’s make sure our City is working for you.

Lekan Olawoye


Want to join our movement? Come to our official Campaign Kick-Off at #TeamLekan Headquarters: Join me, with all of #TeamLekan and new friends from our York South-Weston community at the opening of my official campaign headquarters on September 22, 2018. Sign up now.