Statement from Lekan Olawoye on Premier Ford’s plan to slash size of Toronto City Council


For the past 10 years, I’ve worked hard for my community. I’ve brought neighbours together to make local improvements as the founder of the 12 Community Alliance. I’ve also worked in this community for years and raised my three young children here.

All I want is to build a strong community and help provide opportunities to those who are continuously pushed to the sidelines. This is exactly why I submitted my nomination to run to be Toronto City Councillor in Ward 12. To work for those who live in this community. To help my neighbours, community leaders, young people trying to find opportunities, families looking out for their young ones, or our seniors who need more support. 

The announcement by Premier Ford to slash Toronto Council from 47 representatives to 25, without any local conversations and consultation is wrong. Like what has been happening for 33 years in our community, a politician is making a decision without talking to you. I believe Ward 12 needs better representation, not less.

I believe YOU have to be consulted, engaged and asked for your input on this important matter. The question here is, do you believe you have good representation in Ward 12? Can you see your councilor when you need to, and get the help you need? 

I’m in this race to make sure all people in our communities are represented at our City Hall. Over the next couple of months, as decisions are made about the makeup of our Toronto City Council, the boundaries of the community I’m running to represent may change. But my commitment to YOU, the communities and the people within them will still stay the same. I’ll still be running to give YOU a new choice - a choice of a proven leader who will work hard to represent you every single day. 

I want to hear from you on this issue, email me and call me to talk about what you believe needs to happen. 

My best, 

Lekan Olawoye