#TeamLekan Kicks Off


On Saturday June 23, we officially launched Lekan's campaign for Ward 12 City Councillor. After knocking on doors and speaking to neighbours, volunteers and community members assembled in the Olawoye family's backyard for lunch, speeches, mixing and mingling and great conversation.

If there was one theme that resonated throughout the afternoon, it was that Ward 12 deserves a leader who will fight for it, someone who will listen to the concerns of the community and advocate for them at City Hall. For far too long, this wonderful part of Toronto has not had a strong voice on City Council. The result has been that Ward 12 has been neglected. When residents have raised concerns with the current councillor about traffic safety issues, for example, nothing seems to get done.

Lekan addressed the crowd at the campaign launch and pledged to be a different kind of leader. He vowed to be responsive to issues facing Ward 12, and to use his voice to make this community the best it can be. He emphasized that we must look beyond our own interests and look out for others. Whether young families, single parents or the elderly, taking care of each other can only make Ward 12 an even better place to live.

The campaign launch was exciting, but the hard work is in front of us. If you want Ward 12 to be the best it can be, consider joining the #movementforchange and elect Lekan as City Councillor on October 22!