Your Voting 101

For the past 30+ years, our City Councillors in York South-Weston have neglected our community.


With them….

For the past 10+ years, Lekan Olawoye has been leading action and change and working for the change that York South-Weston wants to see.

  • Led 10+ years of change and advised on millions of dollars in investments in our community.
  • Helped stop the gas plant on Kodak lands and built safer local parks for children.
  • Used his government, non-profit, and business experience to create local jobs and provide programming to 1,000+ youth every year.
  • Supported thousands of community members, giving tenants the tools to successfully fight against rent increases, and bring city officials to inspect and start repairing 2018 fooding damage.

Now, it’s time to vote. With a vote you have the opportunity to end 30 years of neglect and drive our community into a new future with a new champion.

Here’s everything you need to know about our municipal elections and how to cast your vote and influence Toronto’s priorities for the next 4 years:

Why should I care about Municipal Government / City Council?

Municipal governments are created by the provinces and territories, and they usually work to raise money for their cities (taxes or grants) and make decisions that impact your life on a day-to-day basis – like public transit, garbage pick-up, policing, community centres, and public spaces.

Mayor: This is the individual who will get to lead our city council. They don’t get the final say on every single decision but they set the overall direction of the city. Sometimes, the Mayor votes one way, but because the Mayor and City Councillors usually aren’t aligned by party lines the councillors may decide to vote differently. If a majority of councillors decide against the majority they decide the outcome.

City Councillor: Likely the person whose signs and flyers you’ve been seeing the most across your neighbourhood. The people in this role represent your community (in this case Ward 5 – York South-Weston) to city council and fight for the issues that you want to see changed.

School Board Trustee: In York South-Weston you’ll be voting for a school board trustee as well. These are the individuals who make decisions that impact our schools.

When and where do I vote?

If you’re in York South-Weston you can vote on the following days:

On October 22, from 10AM to 8PM at the location listed on your voter card. If you didn’t get a voter card, don’t worry! You can look up your voting location at the City of Toronto’s MyVote

What do I need to vote?

You only need one piece of ID showing your name and current Toronto address

Accepted pieces of ID:

  • Ontario driver’s licence or health card
  • Utility bill for hydro, telephone, cable TV, water, gas
  • Cheque stub, T4 statement or pay receipt issued by an employer
  • Credit card or bank account statement
  • Mortgage statement, lease or rental agreement

See the full list of accepted ID here.

Questions? Need help in another language or need a ride? Call 647-496-6126, e-mail or tweet at @VoteLekan.