So, what does a City Councillor do?

Lekan chatting


Throughout this campaign, many people #TeamLekan has spoken to are not only unsure of what a City Councillor does but also what they should expect to see improving if their Councillor is doing a good job. With three levels of government in Canada, it sometimes isn’t clear which has control over what issue.

If you’re not clear on what different levels of our government do, here is a quick rundown:

  • Federal: National defense, international trade, foreign affairs, banking, postal service, immigration and citizenship, and employment.
  • Provincial: Education, health, natural resources and energy, environment, social services, vehicle and driver licensing.
  • Municipal: Public transit, homeless shelters, childcare, parks, water treatment, libraries, garbage collection, traffic signals, police, paramedics, fire and police services, and community recreation centres.

But what exactly does my City Councillor do?

Councillors are responsible for consulting with those who live in their ward and to make sure all sides of an issue are considered in the decision making process. Lekan knows that the most important part of the role is to consult with you to see what you want, to hear your concerns, and then to continue to advocate and fight for what you want. Some of the other things a Councillor may do:

  • Attend City Council and committee meetings
  • Sit on the boards of City agencies and corporations
  • Propose changes to the decisions City Council makes
  • Introduce motions to propose action or raise awareness of issues
  • Hold or attend community meetings to get input from the public
  • Host or get involved in community events
  • Help people access City services

But why Lekan?

Lekan has been working in the community for 10+ years, and has non-profit, government, and corporate experience, but in whichever role he’s been he’s also brought his work back to community. He knows that his main responsibility as City Councillor will be to consult you and include you in every step of decisions and solutions.

Over the past 4, 10, or even 30 years have any of the areas our municipal government is responsible for improve for you in York South-Weston? Have you been asked for your opinion or consulted on the issues you face? And do our current Councillors have a plan for these areas? Are all your answers no? Then it’s time for a new choice. For someone who has a plan and will take action. That’s Lekan. He’s the choice for City Councillor in York South-Weston.

Vote Lekan Olawoye today.