What Lekan stands for

For the past 30+ years, our City Councillors in York South-Weston have neglected our community. With them...

  • Bus service was cut and reliable TTC service was voted against. [1] [2]
  • In 8 months homicides increased by 200%, theft by 40%, and robberies by 10%. [3]
  • 1 in 3 of our children live below the poverty line. Frances voted for cutting childcare spaces while Frank voted against increasing funding for school nutrition programs. [4] [5] [6] 
  • 1 in 5 of our neighbours 65+ now live below the poverty line. [4] 
  • Half of us are spending over 30% of our income on rent, and it continues to increase. [7]
  • We’ve had more damage due to flooding and extreme weather events as they voted against needed work. [8]
  • Average household income is now the 2nd lowest in the city and it’s getting worse. [7]

It's time for proven and accountable leadership. My plan below aims to make sure that things only get better, and not worse. 

Alongside my wife and three young kids, I’m a proud resident of York South–Weston. I’m proud of how strong and resilient we are as a community. I’m proud of our diversity. I’m proud of how we come together to create thriving neighbourhoods. But I’m tired of leaders who don’t respond to our concerns and haven’t represented us strongly at Toronto City Hall for 30 years. Things change. It’s time our politicians did too.

We deserve someone at City Hall who is working for us. Throughout my life, I have found ways to listen to you and give back to you, and now I’d like to be your Toronto City Councillor. Want to see why I’m equipped to serve you? Find out in my bio here. A new ward needs a new champion with a commitment to work for you.

I will be a City Councillor who listens to you, represents you, and fights for you.

You work hard. You deserve a City Councillor who will match that hard work. One that informs you, listens to you, and fights for what keeps you up at night.

This is my service pledge to you going forward. My team and I will:

  • Meet with residents weekly to hear your concerns. Whether this is at your door, at local events, or at planned town halls.
  • Ensure residents are informed about city issues and opportunities.
  • Respond to all community inquiries within 48 hours.
  • Based on what we hear from you; we will fight for the local issues you are concerned about.

I will prioritize safety and security because nobody should feel unsafe at home.

I’ve buried friends as a young man growing up in Rexdale, and buried youth participants when I worked in York South–Weston. No one should have to experience the pain of losing a loved one caused by a drive-by shooting. Many others I’ve spoken to have also been touched by the loss of children, friends and family members because safety isn’t a priority for our current leadership. We need a community based, localized and intentional strategy to make our communities safer. Knowing this, I will work with you to:

  • Launch local community safety committees that will work together to build a plan that includes schools, youth, and parents.
  • Ensure that local police services are working closely with each safety committee to understand local priorities.
  • Push for a city wide safety strategy that is driven by parents and includes non-profits, community leaders, private sector, and schools to resolve this issue.
  • Increase community programming for young people and our most vulnerable.
  • Increase job opportunities for community members.

I will work to invest in families and community so we all thrive here.

As a proud father and husband, and son of a single mother, I know that families are the backbone of the community. In York South–Weston we work to support each other. Now, it’s time our City Council did the same. From poor building maintenance, to less recreational spaces like parks, and little after school programs for our children, we’ve got challenges. I’ve heard from residents that our homes and public spaces are no longer being cared for, and that’s not acceptable. I will work to make sure our thriving community is more liveable and affordable. 

I will change that by:

  • Actively holding landlords accountable on rent control and building maintenance standards, including bylaw enforcement, penalties and fines for non-compliance.
  • Ensuring all requests to remove trees, shrubs, garbage, or clean your street are reviewed and dealt with in a reasonable time frame, if feasible and within city guidelines.
  • Pushing for mixed income communities with great services and amenities that cater to all.
  • Making sure all our local parks are safe and clean, providing improved amenities like splash pads and dog parks.
  • Better utilizing our current spaces (e.g. schools, parks, community centres) and leverage them for programs for youth, young families, and seniors.
  • Advocating for convenient, accessible, and affordable recreational programming for all residents.
  • Increasing access to affordable, good quality childcare for young families.
  • Beautifying Keele, Eglinton, Lawrence, and Weston streets through community driven input. For example, flowers, paintings, and cleaning up boarded up storefronts.

I will fight for more opportunities and fair jobs.

Local opportunities, jobs, and a vibrant business presence help build a strong community. Over the past 20 years, York South–Weston has seen a decline of employment opportunities with the loss of key businesses. More opportunities allow youth to gain experience, enable families to pay their bills and provide our neighbourhood with a variety of goods and services. Our community is filled with talented people.

I’ll work with you to reinvest in our neighbourhoods and give our local community what it needs to thrive by:

  • Creating a local community development council that is composed of residents like you, my office, and local planning staff so we can make development decisions that are best for the community. 
  • Being the top promoter of our community and making sure all new development comes with local jobs.
  • Working with you on any new development, to get your feedback and vision for our area, while also working to get section 37 investments.
  • Reinvesting development dollars into beautifying existing business corridors to encourage the expansion of businesses.
  • Enhancing the business support network and negotiating job creation through community benefit agreements.
  • Ensuring no more subpar workmanship on our side-streets. My office will monitor all activities locally.
  • Fighting against precarious employment to make sure everyone has access to fair work.
  • Fighting for the old courthouse at Coronation Park to be transformed into an innovation and community hub. A place where:
    • our children can build new skills for the future, and parents can develop the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow;
    • all families, children, and seniors can access green-space; and where
    • local vendors can sell goods in a new marketplace.

I will prioritize transit that connects us to people and places.

From getting on the bus to head to work to dropping off my kids at school, I use our roads and public transit systems every day and know that they can be improved. Safer roads, and systems that are connected with the transit infrastructure in York South–Weston are important to making sure that residents can get to their jobs hassle-free and spend more time with family and friends. To do this, I will:

  • Advocate to provide larger buses for the 52 Lawrence bus routes during rush hour.
  • Ensure side streets with speeding problems get an assessment for speed-bumps, stop signs or other tools to slow traffic and make streets safer.
  • Work to make sure that a relief subway line is built to get neighbours downtown quicker, and ensure your voice is heard throughout this process.
  • Ensure increased parking access and plan for local congestion as new development happens.
  • Work with local cycling advocates to ensure cycling infrastructure is in place and cycling routes are connected and safe for those looking to cross town.
  • Support making transit accessible to seniors in the community, including safe and maintained bus and walking routes.
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